The Bibbulmun: day twelve – Swamp Oak -> Murray

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Weird day. Felt scared and nervy all day! Guy in ute with dog drove past me early in day – pretty sure he was on closed road. Thinking of some sad thoughts* and crying again – last night in sleeping bag and again having break today. Almost comical – sitting on a log alone in the bush, in light rain, wearing dorky hat, eating snacks and crying. Lol. Slept well last night – went to bed before 7 before it got dark, and didn’t even listen to Harry**. Very still night. When got here around 12:30 (even though when walking, thought must be at least 1:30 – was only 11:30. Time dragging again) felt relieved and a bit less scared. Then heard 3 massive noises – sounded like explosions. Also two emergency services sirens. Not that far away – over hill on other side of river. Very scary. Retreated into corner of hut – as though I’d be safer there! Hoping little track brother Mr Deer does the double today from Dwellingup – scared to stay alone again! Beautiful blue wrens here. Walked 20km today with the heel cup of my shoe folded down under my foot – like a slip on shoe. So much better for heel! Freaked out last night realizing how swollen heel is. Wearing shoe like this is less good for rest of foot/ankle joints though. Sore at top of arches on both sides. Stop start rain since around 11:30. Also right shoulder sore – axillary nerve (?) throbbing. Tight rotator cuff I think. So pleased I went with the vegemite tube at Dwellingup – loving it on corn crackers as a savoury snack. Too much sugar? Think my tummy is better today too.

*edited out as not for public consumption 😉

** Harry Potter audio book

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