The Bibbulmun: day thirteen – Murray -> Dookanelly

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Not a bad day. Absolutely loved the morning leaving Murray – was misty and quite still. Beautiful. Took some pics but the camera can’t quite capture the look of sun on morning dew, the sparkle of droplets falling off branches, the steam rising off the fallen tree trunks. The area is all burned out, so clear views to river and this fluro psychedelic green fairyfloss moss covers a lot of ground, plus ferns – with tall black sticks sticking up out of it. It actually looks quite cool. Felt awesome for first 10-12 km of walk feet not hurting. (Right shoe still a slipper). Pack not too heavy. But last few km struggled. Just one joint in feet hurting – on both sides – above arch. Important joint though. Also 2km straight up 4WD track hill, red slippery clay – trudging. Not looking forward to 34km diversion tomorrow.

Mr Deer (who did rock up late last night – pretty much just ate and passed out; but still felt less scared) reckons he’s going to get going by 5am – maybe I will too. I leap frogged all morning with Dave – but he’s not here. I guess he got started on the diversion. Good move if you ask me. I had a bush bath here, in the sun! Was nice. It’s super cold though. Today not feeling as despairing about things back in Melb. Remembering the good points.

Got excited when I found a book of short stories in the hut (I miss reading!!) but there were unfortunately some scary stories. One about some teenagers getting stalked and abducted by a scary dude in a car; one about some creatures from the underworld who come up and start tearing apart humans in gruesome detail. Come on guys, don’t leave books like that lying around for people to read when they’re (potentially) alone in the middle of the bush! Haha.

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