The Bibbulmun: day nine – White Horse Wells -> Mt Wells -> Chadoora

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

My god. I am tired. 31 ish km. Did the double. Feet are throbbing – I haven’t taken off my socks yet to look at them. Wait, I just did. They are dirty as fuck. Saw several kangaroos today – after all the wallabies, finally some decent sized critters! Walked slower today and with smaller steps, trying to place my feet more softly to not hurt them so much – instead of slapping them down like lumps of playdough. They weren’t too sore by the time I got to Mt Wells around 10:15am. Left at 6:40am after a 5:30am wake up. Was so cold I walked in my gloves and beanie for about an hour, then my raincoat for a couple of hours even though no rain. Just to keep warm.

A section of the track this morning is from the original alignment of the track, from the 70’s. The yellow markers are really faded, and are really high up! I mentioned it to the guys when I got to Mt Wells and stopped for lunch, and one of them said ‘Yeah, I was wondering why they went to the effort to put them so high. Like, did they climb up there?’ and I was like ‘Um….they put them at eye level and then the tree just grew…’ haha. Numpsy. It was cool to imagine what the bush would have been like, and what the people who were in the bush were like, that long ago. And wondering how many people have walked the track during that time…

It turns out even though I was planning to hike two more nights, I actually only brought enough dinner for tonight. So that’s lucky! Otherwise I would have been hungry tomorrow night. I had some thoughts – about a couple of friends who complain about the same general story, over and over, in different contexts. Thought how tired I am/was of hearing the same story from them; but then how tired I am of my own repetitive stories.  Like the one of me being sick/broken/not good enough. They’re not serving me, and I want to drop them out here in the bush and leave them here. Bush has enough space to absorb my stories without being bothered by them. Practiced breathing in, then breathing out my stories and letting them go, as I walked.

I’m so tired. Want to sleep. Only 4:45pm. Also at one point today I thought I heard a kind of singing voice, like ‘yoohoo!’ like an old grandpa might call out to you as you walked past. I looked around, and saw no one. I heard it again and realised it was the tree branches moving against each other making that noise! I saw a reference tree (which was marked in the guidebook) as I looked around which I wouldn’t otherwise have noticed (CWsomething). I figured the bush was singing to me as encouragement and to point out how far I’d come. Thank you bush. Thank you feet.

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