The Bibbulmun: day fourty nine – Torbay -> Muttonbird -> Sandpatch

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Well – it’s the final night. + Tomorrow is the final day. Slept v badly last night. Aching left hip. Got up around 11pm to take pain killers (panadol wasn’t cutting it, needed voltaren) and have a wee – saw that stars were so good I went back to hut for camera to do a little night photography! Still not that good at it. Saw a shooting star. Finally got back to (restless) sleep. Awake 4:30, got up. Left hut early thinking I’d walk to cosy then make a coffee. Got there around 6, to SUCH a beautiful morning – went for a dip instead! Couldn’t resist the early morning sea. Shower after to remove salt at the public toilet block there, the shower water was colder than sea (gave me a cold headache, instantly!). Mum arrived with a brewed coffee in a travel mug from Dad! Perfect. And Poet. She walked up to end of Perkins with us, then drove everyone’s packs and Alison around to Muttonbird.

Walk on beach was so cruisy without packs, and was a glorious morning. Light breeze, sunny, water unbelievable jewel/aqua colour. Many surfers @ Mutts. Reached top of stairs 5 min before Mum! She was bearing fresh apples. She ended up walking through to wind farm carpark from Mutts. Was nice, good chatting. 1 x tiger and 2 x legless lizards or baby pythons.

Around the wind farm, saw pod of dolphins moving along the coast the same speed as me. Fishing first, then surfing! So magic to watch them*. Long and dragging last 2.5 km to hut – very windy here. Got in around 1pm and did all the things. That feeling/dilemma of what to do first is still here! Every time I got into a hut it was this frantic feeling of like, should I unpack? Or eat? Or set up my stuff? Or take gaiters and shoes off? Or toilet? Etc.

Others weren’t far behind me (30-60min). Mum gave me some red wine in my water bottle so have become one of those people I mocked at the beginning of the walk, bringing in alcohol! Want to celebrate/commemorate my last night. Bibbulmun being name of Noongyar tribe known for walking long distances for ceremonial rituals. Must have my own ceremonial ritual for finishing.

Have sore throat – not sure whether dehydrated or actual sore? Have drunk heaps.

Not sure what to think for final day – just doing same as any other arvo- read red book, eat, Harry, write. Last night with hip discomfort and not being able to sleep, was ready to be done. Looking forward to real bed. Going to the gong tomorrow with the gang (March girls and Helle) and Mum and Rachel. Straight back into life.

Feet not too bad today but feeling left hip again. Plus now throat – ready for some comfort. Things I want to do when I get back: Facebook less – maybe only on a Friday? Potentially no social media at all…unsub from more newsletters/emails. Get out of city to proper nature every 1-2 months. Volunteer at horse place. Get some equine assisted therapy/learning at Torquay. Not get on laptop first thing ANY DAY. Not even for yoga/meditation. Too easily swayed. Somehow get more ocean time in.

So looking forward to giving my feet some loving: body, this has been hard and I’ve asked a lot of you; and you’ve carried me well. Thank you body. Very clear signals from body that need to stop – don’t feel could turn around and keep going! Hut mates over the whole trip spanned 18-78 – crazy. Didn’t matter as track important here, not age. Nice learning. Also think will let go of website and change to just be a blog, and not focused on mental health. Just at this instant, I want to be done. It’s blustering/windy and my mossie net/tent is flapping about and there’s no where to escape from the wind, my hips are so sore and I just had a hankering for a shower and comfy bed. It’s good, it helps decrease the sadness about finishing. Going to see now about red wine and cheese.

*see pics of them on instagram

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