The Bibbulmun: day fourty five – Boat Harbour -> William Bay

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Brought my journal up to the rock behind the hut here, sitting (lying) in the sun to write. It’s, I dunno, 1:30-ish – blue sky and sunny. Arrived @ hut around 10:15, got up at 4am to cross Mazoletti beach before high tide. Was just a glorious day. Got got by a wave early on in the walk, haha thanks ocean 🙂

Best sunrise have had so far on the trip, looking out over the rugged coast, just stunning. Got to the long beach (Parry’s) around 8:00, had morning tea @ the camp ground. (Toilet paper! Soap! Paper towels!). Tide was out but starting to come back in as walked – sand was firm 95% of the way. Glad we got up early, crossed the beach from 8:15 – 10ish, high tide @ about 1pm and even then there were a few waves that came all the way up to the eroded beach edge.

Saw a few roos on the track, they weren’t particularly scared. Another great orchid, a tiny blue crab on the beach…Just a beautiful day. I’m really hungry. Not heaps of food left. Going to have to eat some though. Have lots of the choc bar thing that I made before I left but fuck, I don’t want to ear it. Might have to. With precious cheese slice with crackers for a treat after. Brought a book (novel) from Peaceful Bay – justified as only carrying three days of food – so have been lying around reading it – absolute luxury/bliss! Should be able to make the 20km into Denmark with a snickers and cliff bar eh? Plus breakfast. Want to go swim @ William bay but don’t want to walk home again up the big hill. Realised I wrote that today is day 45. Finishing on day 50. Craziness! Sad to finish but happy for feet to heal; happy for a bed and clean toe nails.

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