The Bibbulmun: day five – Brookton -> Canning -> Monadnocks

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Fucking buggered. Don’t even feel like writing. Achilles more sore than ever today. Also feet sore. Didn’t have much Harry* last night, just went to sleep. Afraid of losing phone battery. Woke in the night with rain dusting my face – getting blown into the hut sideways. Had to move away from edge of hut. Amongst wind/rain, thought could hear low sort of murmuring/rumbling but wasn’t sure. Thought to self, it kind of sounds like someone…singing. Wasn’t sure if imagining things but Eddie confirmed it. (It was Tony, not Eddie). I noticed yesterday that Tony had out a half empty vodka bottle. I thought he must have picked up a bit of sauce from the person who picked up his sister that arvo, but he said no, this is what he was using for a drink bottle. GLASS?!  That is heavy as fuck, man. He doesn’t like drinking out of plastic. Lol. He was considering the wisdom of his choices though. It kept leaking in his bag.

Met Nick although he was late, I was starting to get worried – he pulled over, didn’t stop, went past me about 70m, u-turned, drove back on the other side of the road hanging my bag of stuff out the window yelling ‘come and get it cunt!’. Typical bro. I guess it was nice of him to drive all the way out to drop me stuff though, and pretty early in the morning. He also brought me a banana and a juice which was a pleasant change for the tastebuds. Got rid of my jumper and one or two other food items that were weighing me down.

Walk through to Canning fairly easy albeit big Achilles pain. For last hour I had to just constantly repeat a mantra, because if I didn’t focus my mind away from the pain it would pretty much stop me in my tracks – I move with ease. My body is strong, fluid and supple. I glide along track like an ice skater. I heal rapidly and effectively. I am soothed. The mantra didn’t manage to convince my mind that I actually moved so easily, but it helped to focus on something. Was burning pain, I thought I must be getting a blister but when I took off my shoe there was none. Then a long 16km to next hut. Passed two oldies and three others (foreign) who are also staying here tonight. Passed so many fields of charcoal on the way – controlled burn offs I think. Walked the last couple of km with Eddie, up the long last hill. That’s where we passed the oldies, when we were about 1.5km away. They were going slooooowwww. And carring SO much. And wearing pants and jackets rain gear. Even though it was sunny. I gave an encouraging smile and Eddie said ‘nearly there now!’ and her face lit up, she says ‘really?! how far?’ Eddie responded with ‘about 1.5 km’ and her face fell, she was so disappointed. He felt bad about getting her hopes up. Fucking tired and grumpy and sick of runny poos. Want normal poo and no more sore Achilles. Whinge whinge.

On the upside, some other Navy people who had been through here recently left a whole lot of ration packs in the hut, had chilly con carne for dinner! It was quite nice. Eddie ate the marmalade and mashed potato.

*Harry Potter audiobook

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