The Bibbulmun: day four – Beraking -> Mt Dale -> Brookton

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Best sleep yet. Went to sleep quite fast around 8pm, woke up a bit but not too bad. Crazy wind which woke me up in the night – wind and rain. Learned lesson four – if you aim for bottom bunk to avoid condensation drips, be warned that in high wind rain may get blown in to bottom…

Lesson five – if you try to mitigate this by covering yourself with tarp/tent, then water from body heat leaves sleeping bag, hits ‘waterproof’ tarp and condenses, settling onto sleeping bag and making you wetter that if you’d just had the rain. Damn. Trying to dry it with my body temp while I debate whether to wait and see if weather gets better or not.


At Mt Dale hut for ‘lunch’ at 10:15. Rain was on and off, not too bad. Only put raincoat on a few times and managed to figure a way of doing it without taking off pack. Either rain or patches of clear sky and sun – not hot so great walking weather. Reasonably strong cramps signal period arrived. Not awesome but ok. Was always going to happen at some point over the two months. Also even though I had a poo stop around 20 min after I started out this morning, just had another (in long drop). Not solid at all…hopefully not a trend? Maybe tummy still adjusting. Achilles sore this morning (didn’t stop me running last 100m to hut to avoid rain/putting on raincoat) so am going to try ‘scraping’ it with my spoon. Apparently it’s a thing that people do. Lots of stuff in this hut – spare food (out on table!! should be shut up in the box) loo paper, batteries, towel, salt, metal bowl, dish sponge – cut off a corner of this to take as I needed one! Thanks Universe. No Tony and Ash from last night’s hut although they were right behind me – they are either ‘geographically embarrassed’ or skipped lunch stop??


Turns out they skipped the stop – Tony wasn’t sure he could keep going if he stopped. Although it was, terrain wise, an easy walk from Mt Dale to here (Brookton) it was mentally hard. I was bored and my feet started hurting around 14km. What does that mean for tomorrows 27km?? Got here at 1:30pm, mostly spent the arvo reading ‘How far can you go’ by John Maclean. Inspo story of paraplegic Olympian walking again – how can I complain about 27km after that?? Sitting in hut with my sleeping clothes on, wrapped in my baggie*, eating hot cup of freeze dried veggies, TVP and rice vermicelli – wind and rain buffeting the hut – thinking, this is pretty freaking great. I really want for nothing else in this moment.

Meeting Nick tomorrow am. Restock (heavy pack). Might jettison 2nd jumper (mid layer) and keep just my down jacket. Tony here and in bed before 5pm, didn’t even eat his canned dinner of chickpeas and tuna. Eddie rocked in after a triple from Waaleigh. Period pain and Achilles pain – ready for a restorative sleep. Also, more ‘urgent’ poos this arvo – now afraid to fart. It’s a bit like having a touch of Bali belly. Tried to walk up hill here to get reception to call North Bannister to check if they have gas cans, but no dice. Hopefully all good with Nick, because no way of knowing otherwise…Now it’s time for Harry** and sleep.

*sleeping bag

**Harry Potter audio book

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