The Bibbulmun: day eleven – Dwellingup -> Swamp Oak

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Lovely Lisa drove me to Pinjarra this morning to try get gas (no luck! Only had ginormous size cans which didn’t want on account of weight) and probiotics. Saw Mr Deer (!) randomly, in the supermarket carpark (Pinjarra being a twenty minute drive from Dwell where we both spent the night) and told him of my gas predicament; he got his parents to bring down a spare and is going to drop some around to me at Lisa’s shortly. Saving my bacon that boy. Felt overwhelmed when got to town and café yesterday – noise, people, food? And wanted to be back in bush. Now settled back to reality and hard to leave…


5pm: Struggled today. Only 13.3km, and took around 4 hours with several stops. Feet/Achilles hurt, shoulders hurt, just felt TIRED. Also felt emotionally all over the place. Felt sick in gut and sad/frustrated with that. Am only one here so far so likely to be first night alone. Feel a little anxious/nervous! Very still night which makes any noises more obvious. Have told people that my Achilles isn’t getting worse but I think it might be. Very sad and upset – and trying to practice acceptance. Was so very well cared for by Lisa, such a lovely connection. Parrots/cockies nibbling gumnuts and dropping them noisily (especially noisy when fall on the roof of the hut). The birds are my protectors, according to Lisa. Hoping I’m just tired from not sleeping as much. Not sure if I can go back to life as it is/was in Melb. Need the bush. Looked in book for Eddie coming through here last year, found his entry – three days after Julian had been here! So funny. Brain is already telling me many scary scenarios that could happen involving scary men etc. Brain is nervous.


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