The Bibbulmun: day eighteen – Collie -> Yabberup

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Woke early feeling leaving anxiety. Also anxious as it’s quite likely there won’t be anyone else sharing the next section with me – Mr Deer is taking a rest day today. Trying to sit with the anxiety and not be held back (as if I could be held back, what am I going to do; stay in Collie?). Not excited about feeling scared and alone, but a) maybe newcomers will appear, or b) maybe I’ll face my fears and just deal with it!


All that worrying for nothing – there’s people here! Bec and Fred ‘snails’ who I’ve been following the whole time. And there’s even reception. Totally wasted anxiety energy – will I learn? Doubtful. Nice 20 km out, although feet still v sore. Beautiful smell of boronia flowers for lots of the walk – sunny and warm – tipped to change tomorrow though! Looking forward to lunch at Mumballup Tavern tomorrow – will have to restrain myself from leaving early so I don’t arrive before it’s open! (11:30am – I’m usually close to finishing a whole day’s walk by then!)

Such a beautiful sunny arvo. Was kinda looking forward to catching up with these guys but they seem a bit meh. Couple from Adelaide. They’re fine, we just have no spark. I was almost psyching myself up for the alone challenge too. It’s interesting seeing a young couple though – it makes me think I’m glad I’m doing it solo – something about watching the way they are supporting/relying on each other – makes me glad to be independent. Also they are now whispering to each other – about me? (Probs just being overly sensitive with that one). Although I did audibly fart in front of them a short while ago…thought it would be silent. Damn.

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