The Bibbulmum: day three – Helena -> Waaleigh -> Beraking

In September and October 2016 I did the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo, North-South. Here’s a few excerpts from my journal.

Learned lesson three last night: set up on bottom bunk if possible – to avoid drips from condensation on tin roof. Couple of wet patches on sleeping baggie this morning :/

It was a good day! 9.6km through to Waaleigh – beautiful still morning, so much mist! Woke about 5:30, 6 am to noise of Navy guys starting fire. Pretty sure I woke myself up with farts at least twice during the night. Also heard one fart from the dudes too though. So we were kind of even. Woke at 10:30pm, felt like I needed to fuckin pee. Why is my filtering system not slowing down at night?? So hard to unzip bag, unzip mozzie net, climb off platform, put on shoes etc…But took the opportunity to get some long exposure night shots! So happy to be walking this morn, so misty and so pretty. The spiderwebs in the mist were like hundreds of little safety nets/trampolines…Loving it. Until about 45 min in. Must have eaten something unsavoury, which my body then rejected at high speed. Evacuate! Everyone (thing) out! For a second thought it was period pain. Then no less than 2 more poop stops! Feeling tired and sorry for self. Not sure – something I ate? Anyway. Up and down hills, glad to reach Waaleigh around 11:30. Got signal, made some texts. Onwards to next hut. (When got to Waaleigh, saw three x Navy dudes. Then E (from last night) walked in as I was packing up. Then a bro/sis arrived as I was walking out. So many people! So much for solitude…

Saw two emus – they ran a few steps, then one turned and started walking towards me. Not usual behavior for a wild animal – I felt worried there could be chicks nearby – could hear a rustle. Made a move and the emus ran away. Then a few moments later, they ran across the track in front of me. Feathers flying, so fluffy! Hammered through first 6 km to Beraking, energy from lunch. (Kept lunch in tummy! Yay! (so far)). Around 15km feet started to hurt. Last 2 km sore feet, boring track, impatient for hut. Calf muscles SORE today, like yesterday. Achilles a bit sore too.

Had a tiny pot of water and rag rinse when I got in – so good to not be sweaty. Didn’t wash nethers though as too worried to get fully naked with Navy’s around and the fact that anyone else could rock up…which they did. Not much privacy available at this camp. Will take wet TP later for important area scrub down. Must maintain some standards.

Campfire and chats with Navy’s tonight. They are doing this as a fundraising thing for work. They have all this old school gear and army ration food, they shared some with me. Wasn’t keen on the tinned cheese though.

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