Into the wild

With only a few days to go til I leave Melbourne and only a few more after that until I leave for realsies on the track itself, what else could I write about except this?

It’s getting to the pointy end of realness. I’m starting to get leaving anxiety – which I get at the best of times, even when I’m only going on a short trip somewhere, and this one has me stressing more than usual about forgetting things/packing properly.

I’ve actually had a busy week with work and with trying to fit in appointments to deal with my various ills (achilles pain has only been increasing week by week :/) so I havent been stressing too much. And now it’s the weekend and I’m getting down to my last few days and I have a bit more time for my mind to freak out. I’ve gone and picked up a few more last minute items – ibuprofen, voltaren gel (that achilles), another pair of socks because I didnt like my icebreaker merino ones. I popped some little dots of silicone on my sleeping mat to help prevent it slipping around in my tent/under my sleeping bag.

I uploaded 11 days worth (as in, playing 24 hours a day (!) or 264 hours) of audio-books to my phone – Roald Dahl, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, among others. As I was putting them on there I was feeling really keen to just start walking, so as to be able to start listening to the books. Haha! Once upon a time I was going to go all purist and be like – only the sound of the wind in the trees, only the sound of the birds! And then I was like nah fuck that.

Over the weekend the boyf and I stayed over at a friends place, and it serendipitously turned out that her Dad who lives next door is a highly accomplished physio, and he happened to be home on a Sunday morning, and he happened to be willing to do a little assessment on my achilles and whip me up some orthotics! I haven’t worn orthotics for years, and while I believe in the barefoot-shoe philosophy, and dealing with underlying problems rather than just using orthotics as a crutch of sorts, at this point (where I’m waking up with pain first thing in the morning, even when I haven’t been doing anything) I’m more than willing to try something new to make it through the next couple of months. Fingers crossed!

So that’s pretty much it. Plane to Perth, more screwing around with buying food, divvy-ing it up into boxes, and posting the boxes to myself at various points along the track. I will be going through little towns along the way, but rural WA towns aren’t that likely to have things like gluten free cous cous…so posting boxes it is. Im not planning to write while I’m away – because I won’t have a keyboard and I’m not stoked about the idea of typing out a whole blog post on my phone. I will pre-load a blog post or two that I’ve already written though, and I’ll share some of my older posts on facebook. It will all be pre-loaded though, so I won’t be there to respond to comments. I’m trying to take this time as facebook holiday. I am planning to be active over on instagram however, so if you want to keep up with my progress, head over there and follow me!

See you guys when I get back. xxx

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